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I'm confused by the "upper 2 percent of bicyclists" comment. What exactly does that mean?

I took it to mean the 2% who are most experienced. I think that's about the number (not of cyclists, but of the population) who commute in DC for example.

Alderman Smith is literally an idiot; he is so stupified by his own idiom (limited life experiences; his particular life-context) that he cannot grasp the moral courage and practical imagination to see beyond his disability.

There's something about the American male and his socialization that allows him to talk out of his ass with complete candor and sincerity...

Did you hear Fenty's comments on the bus kiling on 16th street the other day?...now there's a wizard!...

The Alderman should be pitied, not yelled at (much like Pres. Bush; given that every indication, despite the liberals whining, is that Bush is a caring guy trying to be responsible -- but an idiot nonetheless.)

It makes me wonder how in touch with reality are members of the bike activist community...comments like the Alderman's are to be expected...because it is fantasy to imagine that any crucial improvements to alternative transportation infrastructure in at least the next 20 years in the USA...meanwhile, the rest of the world move on, and examples of which are too numerous to mention, and too depressing...

L:astly, what kind of an idiot proposes bike cabs in a backward place like Frederick!!???...

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