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Carrying a spare tire for that would royally suck!

Parking it would be a bit difficult, too. But it looks like a lot of fun!

From the website:
"The circumference of an eight foot diameter wheel is roughly twenty-five feet and cadence, or the rate at which a person pedals, is most comfortable at a rate of 13 beats every 15 seconds. Gearing that allows an operator to rotate the wheels four times each pedal cycle, or at a 1:4 ratio while at the comfortable cadence rate will produce a speed upwards of 50mph."

Note that he says nothing about power, just that the gearing is capable of 50 mph. Just looking at the thing it's hard to believe it can go above 20 mph, where aerodynamics really becomes a factor.

I wondered about aerodynamics too. And pushing this thing uphill. If you see them again it will probably be on a stupid reality show first. If you use one, I bet the first time will be on vacation (they'll be like jet skis).

I'm going with Robert Palmer, not Robert Plant, right?

Robert Palmer, Robert Plant. Whatever it takes.

this is awesome- bicyclists can finally compete with Suburban assault Vehicles[SUVs] in the size arena.A veritable Hummer on two wheels.

How long does it take to fix a flat I wonder?

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