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Years ago, I was out running on the sidewalk in West Potomac Park one day when a guy on bike rode by on Ohio Drive followed by a camera truck. It was Tom Hanks in the One Red Shoe movie. I caught it on TV to see if I was in the movie. No such luck.
I saw Breaking Away at a preview screening in Berkeley. I loved it. It's still one of my favorite movies of any sort. Great use of Rossini's Barber of Seville,and a terrific script. Buy it. You won't need a refund.

What about "Beijing Bicycle"?

Is it good? I haven't seen it. I'll put it in the queue though.

Good picks, I especially agree with your top 2!

I've been working on a top ten list of bicycle-related beers.

Don't forget the short scene in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" where the Paul Newman character is doing tricks on an old-fangled bicycle. Great movie, overall, of course.

How about the getaway scene in A Little Romance (another George Roy Hill film) I which Sir Laurence Olivier and Diane Lane escape during town's bike festival.

I would definitely include Quicksilver. Kevin Bacon and track bike stunts. A winning combination.

And everyone needs to see The Hell of the North. Eventhough Merckx did not win the race, it does provide great insight to hard bicycle racing. Narrated by Michael Caine.

Has anyone seen 2 seconds?
Little known but a real jewel.


This one is a must.

On imdb you can search by keyword. Here's the bicycle list


Taxi has a pretty good bike clip at the very beginning. Queen latifah jetting all over the streets of new york on bike she all of a sudden gains a little weight once off the bike though and you never see a close up of her on it :)

Dont forget Rushmore.

"You're telling me he ran over your bicycle?"

"My former bicycle, yes."

"What kind of person would do such a thing?"

"I'm not sure. Men do strange things in war."

anyone remember a movie about a man and his boss's obsession with bicycling and it almost ruins one of thier marriages?

What about "Flying scotsman" or RAD [that's an all bike classic]. I almost forgot about the failed scape scene in "Public enemy"

Flying Scotsman came out after this list (and I haven't seen it yet - its in my queue though)

There is a new documentary film coming out about cycling culture http://www.veerthemovie.com

I got the SG Hiawatha when´╗┐ they came out and planned on getting the Vandy but never got the chance.

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