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I was very encouraged by Eric Weiss' response to the Clifton poster: "You are wrong." From earlier chats I remember that Weiss is a sometime cyclist.

The other day, I was walking across the street in a crosswalk near my house. It was dusk. I was wearing a clean, bright, white shirt. I was crossing deliberately, not darting out suddenly. A car that was there sped up and then stopped at the last minute. We had words, and the driver claimed "I couldn't see you!" I wonder how often that excuse is used in ridiculous situations like that? I think of that with the comments about wearing black and grey - it's true to say that it's smart to wear reflective material (there is, actually, a reflective form of grey, but that's a whole other story), but I've driven in cars at dusk on some ocassions, and you know what? If you have your headlights on, and your eyes are open, you ought to be able to see someone in front of you. And ... if you're going the posted speed limit on most DC streets (25 MPH), you should be able to stop in time.

"I didn't see you" is not an excuse, it's an admission of guilt.

Yeah, no kidding! There was a small accident at Hains Point noon ride yesterday - the rider and (more importantly :) ) the very expensive bike, seemed OK - but the driver the vehicle (who had stopped and was giving her contact information in case there was damage, which I guess is cool) started out saying "I know I should have been more careful, but .... " I'm thinking, you know, just stop there - "I know I should been more careful." Full stop!

When will motorists undertstand that the speed limit is an UPPER limit, not a lower one?

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