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There is a lot off of Layhill Road (at Middlevale) that is full of pressure treated wood and construction equipment. The sign says that it is the site of the Matthew Henson Trail, with an expected completion date of December 2008. I hope that I don't have to wait that long.

Just a quick update: they started paving part of the trail leading up to an extensive wooden bridge (the second bridge from the Layhill Rd. entry). Hopefully we can start cutting over to Rock Creek Park Trail well before Dec. 2008!

Thanks for the update Steve.

I just noticed today a huge (40-50ft) steel bridge on the opposite (East) side of Layhill Road from the construction area. I have seen these bridges before on other multi-use trails in Columbia and this is a good sign. It's nice to see progress!

I look forward to adding this to the bike trail map.

That steel bridge is installed on the path to the East, which seems to be progressing. Has there been any thought given to extending the Sligo Creek trail up through Wheaton Regional and the former Indian Spring property to connect up with the Matthew Henson trail. It looks like it wouldn't take much to connect them.

I see asphalt on the trail east of Layhill.

I haven't heard about the possible extensions for the Matthew Henson Trail. What is the status of the former Indian Springs property? Did they sell the land to the county or is still privately owned?

I haven't heard anything about this for a while. Anyone have any photos?

It looks open to the east of Layhill and construction in progress to the west. No pics. I have been meaning to ride over there for a while.

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