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I wouldn't be so sure about who would go bankrupt first. With the advent of good weather the fair weather commuters are out and they seem shocked to have a bicycle stop in front of them at a stop sign or red light.

And I forgot to mention, the last time I drove my car downtown on a Friday evening it was a ninja cyclist assault course. Three unlit cyclists within a quarter mile of Union Station and every one of them jumping red lights. Same Roads, Same Rules, Same Rights only works when the rules are followed.

Speaking of fair weather, Oh my God, Jury Duty is awesome. I had it today and got out at 2:00 as I was deemed inadequate to decide the fate of others. So of course I went on a bike ride. Perfect weather. Nearly the peak of cherry blossom. Low crowds because it's a Monday. Everything's coming up Milhouse. I did have one event. I was in the left hand lane to turn left heading toward a red light where 12 cars were backed up, so I slowed up to drink water. Some guy in a gorgeous corvette (clean with a fresh coat of purple paint) guns in, passes me on the left, even though the right lane was empty and revs his engine as he does so, startling me. Of course he had to immediately break due to the aforementioned stop light. So I pulled up next to him at the light and asked through his open window, "so how'd that work out for you?" and he responded "if you can't handle it, get off the road." I could hear my left foot, still in it's clip begging me, "boss, please, PLEASE let me unclip." The teeth of my pedal clips so badly wanted a big hunk of purple corvette meat hanging from them. But, alas, I did the right thing. My dad is right, the right thing is the harder one. Still, awesome ride and a perfect day.

Kudos to you for behaving so much better then the idiot in the corvette. You're an example to us all! I love how those kinds of people think it somehow proves something that their car can pass a guy on a bike - what a man! His mom must be so proud of him! :)

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