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When I had a child I realized the benefits of Universal design, as I often had to find the one ADA accessible entrance to a building to get a stroller in. As my children grew, they learned to open large doors by finding the button for the disabled entrance. I think that people with children as well as seniors could also benefit from universal design. In designing a patio for my new house, I am trying to use ramps instead of stairs to reduce the potential for falls by my parents and in-laws who will be entering their 70s and 80s soon.

Here's another one from Neil, about complete streets in Louisville.


This is pretty cool - from the article Ken linked to:

Copenhagen goes all-out to promote the cycling: There's one parking lot for suburban commuters, for example, in which a bike is part of the deal — pay your parking fee and get a bike to pedal into town.

That's a whole new kind of "Park 'n Ride"

Suburban bicycle commuter parking lots would be awesome. Could you imagine them at the ends of trails like the CCT or W&OD. Or we could just widen Route 66 so that it adversely affects cyclists and creates worse air quality.

Building new parking, no. But what about at the Pentagon parking lots or RFK?

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