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I zoomed in by typing "Washington, DC" in the Quick Zoom box.

Right, what I meant was how to make that the default view, so that I didn't have to zoom it in every time.

What about Google's My Maps? Is it too simplistic?

Just a thought:
If one of the purposes of the map is to inform law enforcement of dangerous intersections, it might be worth adding a category to the three (serious injury, moderate injury,
collision no injury) already present, such as "cars running red lights". This is especially true on intersections where designated bike lanes and bike paths cross roads where there is a light. On my daily commute, I see cars running the same red light day after day. It would seem these are areas in need of enforcement.

Hmmm. I'm not sure of its utility to identify where drivers break the law since it's going to be a little one sided, but people can certainly add in who violated the law.

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