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Berlin is awesome... and yes the trains are excellent. I can see how, between a bicycle and the train you could do very well in that city. It's a good thing they have the trains, because it's an expansive city!

Berlin- I told you so. Actually it is similar in many ways to DC- relatively flat- and 10 story buildings- very human scale place.we could be doing this here.Lets make it legal and safe to cycle on the sidewalks here in DC just like in Holland,Denamrk, and Germany.

go berlin! it'll never happen here..so my other post!...although "infrastructure" investment is the explanantion: Americans dont know the difference between and investment and a cost...

It's true that DC is flat, similar to Berlin. Here's the difference: Americans aren't German. Why do I point this out? Because we Americans are much more chaotic and unstructured then Germans. In this way, bike lanes on sidewalks on downtown streets is a recipe for disaster. Just as cars park in bike lanes on the streets, how in the world can anybody believe that pedestrians won't be walking all over bike lanes on the sidewalks. No thanks - I stick to streets on my bike; riding confidently in the middle of the right lane when necessary to protect myself.

People don't walk in bike lanes here because they would get run over if they did. It is a dedicated lane for bicycle use and riders move at the appropriate speed.

Also, buildings here are typically only five, maybe six stories high, altbau or new construction.

Here's interesting reading about the Berlin infrastructure:


From the introduction:
"The 1987 Berlin Police Department study of bicycle crashes is notable for its importance in dispelling the myth of improved safety for bicyclists on sidewalk-type bicycle facilities."

As well as this quote: "Bikeways are now, as a rule, planned as bike lanes on the roadway, or bicyclists ride in mixed traffic. Many sidepaths have been removed."

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