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Slightly more in WMATA's press release:



how exciting...

This is actually good news for a couple of reasons. Though the old racks had its loyal fans due to the way it locked up both wheels, they were in pretty poor shape and needed to be replaced. The rare times I locked up at a metro with them, I'd alway jsut find a pole or railing nearby to use instead. What's most impressive is that it appears WMATA is actually making an effort to get the word out about the upgrades. Last time they upgraded racks, no one was informed until they arrived at the station ill-prepared to to lock to the new racks. Anyone know if they thought to put signage up near the existing racks to notify cyclists of the changes?

Speaking of bike parking, Adams Morgan, Georgetown and Eastern Market could do worse than copying on-street bike parking like was recently installed here in Portland: http://bikeportland.org/2007/07/06/belmont-bike-parking-an-instant-hit/

Went out to grab some food on Monday and the racks were full, despite their being parking areas on either end of the block...and it was a quiet late Monday evening. Definetly an impressive sight! Ironically, there appeared to be several open auto parking spots on the same block.

we could use this at Eastern Market especially since our BID people recently posted signs restricting bicycle parking around most trees where flowers are planted - and there are nowhere near enough bike racks on the streets. those bicycle storage boxes are a total waste- Ive NEVER seen anyone use them- and they are butt ugly and take up way too much room. Conventional- or bike racks as shown above- are certainly the answer.

w, bike lockers ("bicycle storage boxes") are awesome. Why don't you sign up for one at Eastern Market?

Some people are bewildered by the old-style bike racks provided by Metro. Here's a video of how to use a operate the rack and use a pad lock to secure a bicycle:


This was made in conjunction with an event where the Metro Police distributed free pad locks to cyclists at the Franconia-Springfield station.

the fact that one must "sign up" to use these bike storage compartments makes them cumbersome.Open bike racks are much better.I can see having some of the storage boxes for some folks who are possibly visiting from out of town and have no place to keep their bikes- or for some other reasons- but open racks where there is no burecratic mumbo-jumbo involved looks better.Metro used to make you"apply" for permission to take your bike on the trains- now that this kind of non- sense has been done away with, it is a lot easier- and you see far more bicyclists using Metro as a stage commute or for trips.

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