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Good follow up on this story.

Is it even possible to ride to Dulles Airport? Unless there are service roads leading to the rental car area I'm not sure it's even legal to cross to the access road and ride into the airport zone. It certainly isn't safe, that's for sure.

Ive noticed in many European airports the airport service personell regularly use bicycles.Why not have cargo bicycles to go to and fro the terminals in addition to electric vehicles or moving walkways?People in this country are fat- as&ed and lazy- and not very innovative when it comes to ideas like this. This congressman is moving in the right direction- but it is too little...The exception to this- the people that actually build the jetliners- if you ever go to the Boeing factory in Everett Washington- they use bicycles to move around on the factory floor- acceptance by the most high tech and sophisticated factory in the world says something here.We need to change our culture.

I actually saw them using cargo bicycles here in Phoenix so it is happening in the states. I have no idea how wide-spread it is.

Dulles is not easy to get to. I rode out to the Air and Space annex once. More than a little bit scary (despite the Wright brothers history) and I wouldn't recommend it. There is tons of bike parking though.

When they built Dulles, they used the W&OD railroad and a spur to the airport to deliver supplies. Once they were done they removed all the trackage. Who would want a railroad going to the airport? I wonder where that spur was and if it could be used to connect the W&OD trail to the airport.

Washcycle- you see the light. I've been harrassing my friends and others for years about the unused WO&D railroad.It is really disgusting that in this country we actually abandon railroads..we seldom abandon highways- something is clearly out of place. If my memory serves me - I saw somewhere that all USA rail rights of way have to be 200 feet wide- this could more than allow another set of Metro or commuter tracks- and an upgraded bike trail alongside of it.And why not an express train- or even a Maglev train? Of course- the authorities would study it to death for 30 years- while in the meantime they take 5 years to plan, finance and construct a highway or major bridge crossing that costs billions.Yes- the WO&D should be re-used as RAIL !!!


I don't know why this isn't being used. That's just stupid. They should put down some new track, at least to the airport. Laying down track doesn't cost very much, compared to building roads, and it lasts longer.

Lee- how right you are. Highways are more expensive than rail per mile.It is inertia,lack of imagination, not having a proper example of how it could actually improve things- - and believe it or not- in New Jersey people are fighting a new rail line as they see it as CAUSING more suburban sprawl.Boy are these people mis-guided and out to lunch.

Hmmm, I wonder if they'll add airplane parking at bike shops.

But riding to the airport isn't crazy. If you just have carry-on luggage and don't want to pay the exorbitant parking rates, it's a great idea.

I could easily carry all of my luggae on my bicycle- provided that there was parking for my bike at the airport.

Regarding my luggage on my bike, I imagine the question depends on how long my trip is.

Of course, the big problem would be how to pack my bike. I have a break-away bike that fits into a handy-dandy airline approved suitcase - it's got wheels; so I suppose I could hook it up to my bike and run it behind me, then take the bike apart at the airport. But then bike parking wouldn't matter. :)

folding bikes are the future- and would even help to clear out that crowded bike parking facility at Amsterdam Railroad station.

A folding bike would work in such a situation quite nicely. To be clear, however, my break-away bike is not a folding bike. It's a road bike that comes apart and fits in a piece of luggage. It's pretty cool, and I've started to take it with me whenever I go far away - I can't wait to take it to Paris some time!

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