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Great post, WC. Very cool program in Paris; the mayor (Socialist...hmm, makes sense) there deserves kudos for setting the bar high.

DC needs to get moving with this. And yes, I agree about having the first half-hour free--that will spur the initial interest, I think.

You know, a nice little commuter tax would go a long way toward funding this program. Have the people who don't live in the city but clog its streets pay for this little bit of relief.

If by commuter tax you mean congestion tax, I'm in. Oddly, so is the Bush Administration.


From that article: "I can't believe I'm saying these words," said Stringer in the release, "but I applaud the Bush Administration for their forward thinking on the issue of congestion and thank them for their willingness to work with local governments to address their unique problems."

Really well done comparison.
-you can't lock the bike
-tourists can't easily use the bikes

These are major barriers, plus the fact that there aren't that many of them.

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