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Here is what the completed racks look like:



much can be learned from cities like Berlin.

It took 8 years to convince NYC to trade 3 car spaces for 60 bike spaces, which are already completely filled up. Sorry, but NYC can do better than this.

The only motorist complaints they can get is from tow truck drivers and street sweepers...

If the demand for walkway spillovers and bike parking is really that strong, then why not go all the way - block the street to autos completely, and just let the pedestrians and cyclists roam free in there. I mean really, they're on a roll, why stop halfway?

I think, rather than a congestion fee, NYC should just put up those retractable bollards in high traffic areas, and make autos pay a toll (ie. ez-pass) to cross them. See how many people start riding bikes then!

for a view of what NYC could look like in 20 years[ or other cities for that matter] rent out "Time Machine"- there's a scene where the professor gets out of his machine in the year 2020 and everyone is cycling.A girl comes up and talks to him- she swipes a card and un-locks her bike- and takes off.....

Having a car if you reside in NYC is one of the most expensive, impractical, and stupid transportation options one could possibly do. I don't mind that so much, but I doubt replicating the conditions that made that situation possible would be possible or even be regarded as a positive among most people in this country.

w is talking about the 2002 version of the Time Machine, not the classic - and much better - 1960 version or the awful 1978 one.

I also like the 1960's version. The new one is not bad at all either...for instance the Eloi village is really well done in the new movie...as for everyone biking- things can change A LOT between now and 2030 so don't count this possibility out yet....

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