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It should be noted that Fort Totten Park already exists and is open to the public.

Can you lease land to be a public park? If enough of the public used it, wouldn't that then constitute eminent (sp?) domain and it could be taken by the city?

let's build us a big theme park here and REALLY bring in the tax dollars and tourists !!!!

To be clear, the funding that Soldier's Home is talking about is not funding to make a park, but rather, funding for Soldier's Home to continue to exist and operate properly. Soldier's Home has to rely on its own means to get money to operate - and not on federal appropriations - thus, the reason why they want to unload some land to a developer. They are in an understandably difficult bind here, and an effort to make it into a park - while its a nice idea - doesn't fully solve their problem.

I totally agree

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