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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I sent an email urging: 1) a bike-friendly Barney Circle; 2) a dedicated bike link to the Anacostia River Trail on the western side of the river; and 3) bike lanes along Pennsylvania Ave., perhaps in the green median.

yes please a bike lane in the green median- especially if the NIMBYs on Capitol Hill are against putting trolleys back in where they once were. Please remove or fire those morons in the Capitol Hill BID who have printed up those really stupid "Don't park in the roses" signs to discourage bicycle parking. Obviously these people drive cars and do not cycle. The BID could be better spending their $$$ and time by installing new bicycle racks.It seems that the CHRS and the BID are all about cars and parking.They need to get out of that Robert Moses frame of mind and get in the program- and join the 21st century.

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