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"Since 2004, the state transportation department has followed a policy of including bicycle and pedestrian facilities with each new project, unless there are safety concerns or other issues."

Is that horrendously bad reporting or does the state not get it? Whole streets is entirely about safety so how good that be a grounds for not addressing the needs of peds?

I assumed they were talking about specific things like the beltway. Though, out here in Arizona I've seen several places where the interstate shoulder includes a bike lane.

I was pleasantly shocked to see a goodly amount of bicycle usage in Tucson.For a super-sprawl kind of place one would not expect to see this.Phoenix, OTOH is a miserable wasteland.

Actually, Phoenix is quite good from a biking standpoint. I'm working on a post about it. But for a preview several cities in the valley are LAB bike friendly cities and there are bike lanes everywhere. Not many people out riding, but then it is 110 degF and the middle of "monsoon" season. Plus classes are out at ASU.

much of Phoenix is flat- perfect for cycling- and they seem to actually have sidewalks in many places- but the whole place is like a giant Rockville Pike- it is a ghastly suburban area with hardly any city to it at all.To bike anywhere - any kind of destination- it is miles and miles..and yes- the HEAT...what is LAB ?

LAB = League of American Bicyclists

thanks- Im not very good on organizations.

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