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Who is running against this guy? I will send them money.

thanks for posting. i meant to view the video when i saw it in Comments a few weeks back. now i will. i am envisioning a t-shirt that has a drawing of a bicycle with a caption that reads, "19th century solutions to 21st century problems"

Stupid, arrogant, smarmy. Probably spends a lot of time with Larry Craig in the mens room.

To quote Forest Gump: "Stupid is as stupid does."

This moron can bloviate all he wants, but I hope the darn bill passes. It is so counter-productive to subsidize parking in DC (there should be a tax, used to fund transit), but this might help incentivize people a tiny bit in the right direction.

As I posted before, 19th Century author Mark Twain had a few choice comments for this fellow.

I must have missed there earlier posting. Has WABA or the League put together a letter campaign for this bozo? Even after reading the quotes I still had to watch the video because it is so absurd.

people like this guy are the idiots keeping the grounds around the US Capitol building a wasteland of surface parking.The anti- transit mentality of so many of these people is what is holding our country back and it is a very closed mindset.If he were truly conservative- he'd be in favor of rail and transit- as they were the main options back during the "ideal" small town days in the 40's so often mentioned by conservatives and sentimentalists, etc. when most people didn't drive.I wonder how much weight this guy displaces-[ does he ever walk anywhere except to and from a parking lot?] and how big his SUV is. That is where the "manhood" of most of these guys is tied up- their surrogate- the car or truck identity that makes them who they are.

This is a video response to the energy bill speach. I'd like to send it to McHenry.

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