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AAA threatened to sue as there were no facilities to enable motorholics to drive into their offices

The best part is that they insisted there was bicycle parking on 14th St. There are two U loops outside the entrance on 14th, and those two loops are so swamped with bicycles that sometimes people may not be able to get out.

On the other hand, I did confirm from the management that I am allowed to bring my folding bike indoors, so long as I fold it up before taking it inside. This is more of a hassle, but at least I don't have to leave my bike outside when I stay late.

Someone should ensure that they are providing at least 5% of spaces they have for parking for bicycles. I don't think sidewalk U Loops count, either (see regulation 2119.3). Otherwise they are in violation of DC's laws and should be made to fix that situation ... http://www.ddot.dc.gov/ddot/lib/ddot/information/bicycle/newbike-final.pdf

Andrew you are absolutely correct. We(DC Office of Planning) recently pointed this out to DDOT as our building was in violation. DDOT has since provided us an entire parking space in our parking garage and bike rack. I'm sure the bikers to NPB are aware of the laws but if not , please contact DDOT. They have to support you!

This sounds just like my Fiance's situation. She works at a progressive think tank on the 1000 block of 16th St. NW, where dozens of people in the building are biking to work, but the management is furious about it. They insist that the building's lease agreement prevents bicycles from being allowed on the premises. They also point to the single bike loop out front - for dozens of people. There are six spaces for cars, and a loading dock, at the rear of the building's property.

I find the opposition to bicycles odd, considering each office does have shower facilities, and the elevators are more than large enough for two bicycles at a time. I have alerted staff to requirements of the law, but the situation has not changed. She claims that they have little voice in the matter, since they are only subletting their office space.

The building is threatening to reach some kind of ultimatum on the matter to put an end to the cyclists. Can someone please email me about this if they can help?

[email protected] ... my sig didn't show up on the last post.

Can anyone comment on why management of these buildings is so against having bicycles inside the building? Surely, they'd freak out more if everyone tried to park their bike right out in front of the building...

Before we get too worked up, the law does not say that they have to provide "at least 5% of spaces they have for parking for bicycles." What it says is that 5% of the spaces they are "required to have" must be for bicycles. The National Press Building was built in 1925, and at that time there was no requirement for parking, so they are not required to have any car or bicycle spaces. (and I don't believe they do).

There is legislation pending in DC to change "required" to "available" and the percentage to 10%, but even then there will be no requirement for buildings that do not provide automobile parking to provide bicycle parking.

People who manage office buildings are very image-concious, because the right image can affect the rent that they charge. Unfortunately the image they have of cyclists is not a positive one.

oh come on, all they'd have to do is put a long comb rack out around back next to the dumpster, where the half-dozen cars are parked, and people wouldn't need to bring the bikes inside anymore, or lock to the nice gates out front. A manager at Trader Joe's on 25th St. NW said the city has been giving them out for free.

I highly doubt that the men & women showing up nice suits, riding a lot of 3-speeds and a few Amsterdam bikes, could negatively impact the rents in any way. And I fail to see how making them all lock the bikes to the front gates, rather than a rack out back, or stashed in private offices, is going to improve the building's image.

Sounds like a good news story. Know anyone who could write about that.........

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