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Congrats to Arlington County for the improvement. You're setting the pace for the surrounding area, and hopefully Jim Sebastian at DDOT and Yon Lambert with Alexandria are paying attention.

Not to be a negative nancy here, but when is the Post going to get their act together in covering cycling locally? They've run articles about cycling and quoted Jim Sayer at Adventure Cycling but not anyone from WABA. The one time they did call was for a quote about trail overcrowding on the W&OD, but didn't bother to include any of the possible solutions in the final version.

With the Post's generally lousy local coverage to begin with, I suppose its asking a lot to have them take local cycling issues seriously. However, with some of the nation's worst traffic, highest pedestrian rates, high cycling rates and a concentration of nationally recognized Bicycle Friendly Communities, one would hope that the transportation writers would be a little more forward thinking.

For anyone as annoyed as I am here are three of the transportation writers/editors- let em know how you feel: ginsburg@washpost.com, shaverk@washpost.com, laytonl@washpost.com

Jeff, I've noticed this too, although I was happy to see that they featured a bike path adventure under their "road trip" section this past weekend.

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