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I live in Mount Vernon. Calling the Belle Haven County Club a trail is quiet a stretch. It is an example of how Faifax County regards bicycles and pedestrians. It routinely builds these "trails" that are essentially narrow pavement over barely improved ground. Collingwood Road near Williamsburg Manor Park has two of them. They are both useless and unsafe. If the county built roads like this there would be hell to pay.

I met with Alex Lee from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Community Relations office about 6 months ago to discuss the path along RampE. The path has been "complete" for over a year but remains closed "for the convenience of the contractor."

My wife and I regularly use this path to get to a friends house. It involves hopping over a Jersey barrier into heavy traffic.

Tim, does the shuttered path lead anywhere? Doesn't it terminate just before the Hampton Inn parking lot? From what I remember seeing, while the closing may be at the convenience of the contractor, it's not like the path does anything except provide a 1/4 mile road to nowhere. If users would be dumped into "heavy traffic" as you say here, doesn't having the jersey wall make sense?

Another question (don't know the answer, that's why I'm asking): Is this a state or county initiative? Would it make sense to contact Hyland about this, rather than Englin?

Hi Mike,
My wife and I live in South Old Town. The path does end in the Hampton Inn parking lot; we walk from there to our friends house off Huntington Ave across Rt 1. The alternate route is walking around the golf course adding about 1.2 miles partially along roads that are not much safer.

The Jersey barrier is temporary and could be moved to allow safe pedestrian access (this was my request to Alex Lee.)

The Wilson bridge project has been pretty good about accommodating bikes and pedestrians but they have a long way to go.

I am concerned the path across the Wilson bridge may not be complete for many many years.

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