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The broader ICC project is still contentious - several groups have filed lawsuits that are still pending, although plans were to break ground in October. Most PG County elected officials are on record as opposing the highway (those in Laurel being the exception).

Some Purple Line opponents assert that we can expect the State DOT to cut the CCT to reduce cost just as they did for the ICC bike path. I agree we shouldn't trust DOT to have a clue about trails. But the CCT is different from the ICC bike path in several ways.

The CCT has built up a very strong constituency of users. It will be much harder for the State to go against this promise for the CCT than it is for the ICC. The Purple Line project can be put at risk politically if the State tries to remove the CCT. Unfortunately the ICC bike path is only a concept on paper now, and it is hard to build a constituency beyond we "true believers" for a concept.

For the ICC, the bike path does not much help the highway. Purple Line transit will benefit directly from an adjacent CCT. Light-rail transit works best when residents from nearby neighborhoods can easily bike or walk to stations. The CCT will be an important part of the access to stations.

The Georgetown Branch Corridor only crosses one significant stream valley at Rock Creek, and there the transit and trail can be held on the existing old railroad berm without any of its footprint falling in the flood plain. The major environmental issue that might draw Sierra Club concern is the loss of trees, but even the Sierra Club supports the Purple Line as helping the environment overall.

I don't necessarily expect State DOT to be smarter about the CCT than it has been about the ICC bike path. I just expect we can be more successful at beating DOT back to keep the trail in the project.

Most disturbing is M-NCPPC's characterization that the authorized study will examine how to "complete" the ICC trail, when the study seeks to remove two major sections of the trail from the county master plan, forever. At best the study will recommend sub-optimal solutions to close two trail gaps while making two larger gaps permanent. The solution will be LITTLE BETTER THAN THE CURRENT STATE PLAN for the trail. Basically, park staff argued with trail supporters at M-NCPPC and park staff won. Don't worry, we're going to fight this.

this is an sweet site... but as a walker (well actully i hike) i feel as though bike should not be allowed on trails made for walkers (or hikers)

this site rocks please rember has you read it and that people are being harmed by bikes and people are being harmed by walkers/hikers

people plz stop saying that i am crazy for posting!!!

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