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Have bike paths simply become convenient excuses for neighborhoods to stop some project they don't like? It's dubious that a school there would have any impact whatsoever on the Bethesda Trolley Trail. What about the other end of Fleming Ave. where neighbors are opposing the path? Probably some of the people who signed the petition.

I didn't read the desire to protect the land as a means to not have the bike path disrupted in some way. In fact, the 'path' is really a street (Fleming) that connects the I-270 and Beltway overpasses. I've ridden through there several times and never knew that the mansion was there until reading this. It just seemed like a nice quiet wooded oasis with an adjacent ballfield and park with families there in the middle of an extremely busy area. I can see why the local residents would want to keep it that way -- bike route or no.

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