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Sir Mix-a-Lot should be worried...those butts would be shrinking in a strong move to cycle commuting.

The parking tax subsidy still steams me, especially when I have to pay more to ride metro now. There should be high taxes on parking in DC which could be used to fund mass transit, biking and walking. I also like the congestion tax. Maybe Bloomberg will do something and Fenty will follow.

There's a Monty Python sketch where they put the actor on stilts so that he looks taller. Then he's too tall so they dig a hole for him to stand in. But then he's too short..and on and on it goes until he's standing in an 11 foot hole with 11.3 foot stilts (or something). That's what transportation subsidies are like. Why do we subsidize everything? Let's subsidize the things that we wan't to encourage (transit, walking, biking - heck even carpooling) but not single-occupant car driving.

I think there should be special crosswalks for people who cross the street in creative, unique ways. The Ministry of Silly Walks can help fund it, assuming their budget doesn't get cut further.

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