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Re the Mt Rainier Coop, it's great, but in mentioning one other youth bike program that failed (Chain Reaction) it ignored THREE other existing youth bike programs, in Arlington (www.phoenixbikes.org), in Rockville (Bikes for the World's Rockville Youth Bike Project, www.bikesfortheworld.org), and in Riverdale. A minor inaccuracy is that Chain Reaction did not close "in the summer of 2007" but on March 31 of that year.

the article also fails to give credit to Anne Villacres from Trips for Kids who wrote the actual proposal to the city for the coOp. TFK also donated all the tools for the shop and ran thier rodeos for the first two years.

TFK stepped out of the coOp because they were not doing kids programs.

It seems like newer members such as Bea have revitalized the coOP which is great but the hard work of Anne Villacres from Trips for Kids PG in getting the program started is totally left out of the stories history

Anne Villacres and Trips for Kids did do a great job of helping to get the program started. Trips for Kids donated the tools which used to be part of the Urban Rangers Program in Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan (but owned by TFK; Urban Rangers had to close because the space they were in, the basement of a church, was no longer available). For more info on TFK and the programs they are running in PG County, see: http://www.tfkpg.org

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