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The arboretum is one of my favorite places to ride....once I'm in there. Getting there is a nightmare, and I destroyed a wheel on the wheel-eating grates along Bladensburg once.

One of my biggest local cycling pet peeves is folks who drive to haines point to do laps, its just ridiculous. I've never understood why the arboretum never caught on as a place to do training laps. The hills make for more challenging riding and now that the Awakening is gone its far more scenic. It would be a fun place for a road race as well!

Oh a road race would be awesome.

I agree with all of your point about the need to improve access and visability for the Arboretum (both for bikes and for people arriving on foot or by car). I would love to see the M St. entrance re-opened. I have been curious about it's status and I would guess that your speculation is correct. At least now I understand why there is a partically - constructed entrance on Bladensburg.

My guess is that the Arbo has not caught on as a place to do training laps because it's hard to get to, and even harder to leave (unless you want to head east on 50 and/or onto the BW Parkway).

Excellent points. I am not sure that the Arb. has a boat dock, although the tours from the Bladensburg Waterfront Park have been advocating for this... it's the same issue.

There is a boat dock at the Arboretum. I think it's quite new, and is located near one of the two pedestrian gates on the river side of the facility. I was on a group canoe trip with Anacostia Watershed Society a few weeks ago and we tied up there and had lunch.

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