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I was at the Crystal City pit stop, and the turnout was small, the party even smaller (only granola bars and coffee without cream being offered). The only raffle they had was for a U-Lock, portable bike pump or messenger bag (no bike raffles as promised). People who stayed home because of the weather did not miss anything, to be honest.

I was a tad disappointed, I thought it would be a bigger deal than this. I guess next year I should go to Freedom Plaza (which I would've, if it didn't start so late -- 8am -- as I have to be at work at 8:30, showered and changed by then).

I was also a little disappointed by Crystal City. I thought there would be bagels, or at least milk for my coffee, but I know I should be grateful for what I got.

Also, I’m not sure of bike-to-work day events are more intended to celebrate cycling or bring in new people, but I think that they need to consider having a scaled-down rain date for the newbies who are turned off by rain.

As for t-shirts, every t-shirt give-away thing that I have been to in the past 5 years was low or out-of small or medium t-shirts. I'm waiting for freakonomics or someone to deal with this issue.

The Reston pit stop was impressive. There must have been about 50 people there at 7 am. I saw more bikes on the W&OD today than I usually see on a clear morning, so something's certainly being done right.

Rockville Rocked, period.
Nice variety of snacks, coffee with all the goodies, good raffle prizes, friendly volunteers, awsome mechanic on duty and solid corporate support.

THANKS and GREAT JOB to EVERYONE involved!!!

Seems like the Crystal City pit stop was the only one that did not have much going on -- a shame :(

I noticed most bikers stopped by, got their shirt, and left -- most people were not mingling (I was excited to meet other bikers!), probably because there was not much going on.

On the bright side, I got my medium shirt with no problem!

I wish they would host another one later in the summer as well. I've been biking to work for about 5 weeks now, and have yet to meet other people who bike to work too.

I am doing my part to address the dearth of XL cyclists. Another donut, please.


Rosslyn was well attended. Not a sunny day crowd, by far, but there were plenty there. Won me a bike lock (thanks WABA/REI).

Turnout at North Bethesda, where I volunteered, was huge. WABA's organization and sponsors' support were were strong.

But can someone explain why folks sweat the freebie T? Does anyone really need FOUR shirts? Does it matter if the XL shrinks in your dryer?...Maybe this is the solution to our transit woes: free clothing for anyone who doesnt' drive to work!

Shame about Crystal City. I did bike maintenance at their stop last year, which got added last-minute. It was a great time, and ended up as one of the most popular pit stops. I wasn't asked back this year, but assumed the Crystal City BID, who is a main sponsor of the overall event, was going to pull out all the stops this year.

The BTW Day t-shirt size dispersion algorithm is a longstanding mystery. We snagged a box of the numerous surplus XL t-shirts, so if any more-to-love bikers want to supplement their wardrobe, drop by either store.

One observation: BTWD was the same day as parent-teacher conferences for DC Public Schools. Parents really have to scramble on these days, as school is closed so they have to find someone to watch the kids, plus the parents themselves have to go to school for the conferences. So for the families of about 60,000 students this is not a normal workday at all. I believe the same thing happened last year.

Re: the t-shirts. It's pretty obvious that cyclists are leaner than the general population. I'm generally a size large or medium depending on the cut of a garment, except when I go to buy bike clothes, then I'm an XL.

For the record, Councilmember Muriel Bowser did bike in, I rode with her from Takoma. This is at least the third year that she has done so. She may not have voted the right way on Klingle Valley, but she is a good friend of cycling none the less.

Bike to Work Day was very much a "wash" cycle with no dry cycle. But gotta love those shirts! I hit two pitstops and picked up a fresh dry shirt at each one.

Despite being a 22 year-round dc bicycle commuter. once again I passed on BTW day. Obviously, I love riding, but I'm not real fond of encouraging the rubes to join in.

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