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is the work done?

is it wider?

has there been an effort to aid in having off ramp traffic yield respect to the walkers, bikers, and runners that are trying to cross the on and off ramps?

I am glad it is done
but it is not done

>>is the work done?

Don't know. They were placing top soil at trail sides this morning. All signficant work -- paving, ramping, etc. -- appears to be complete with one exception: the gravely drain grates at one spot.

>>is it wider?

Yes. Certainly wider in some portions. They removed some of the rocks that encroached on the path at a few points. Kinda ironic for "Rock" Creek Parkway.

>>yield respect?

No change there, although workers were beginning to paint crossing areas this morning. Doubt this will affect danger from cars. Just like a fighter pilot, keep your head swiveling.

>>I am glad it is done
>>but it is not done


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