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Personally, I'd say the bike lanes around Thomas Circle itself are the dumbest or at least the most dangerous. Guaranteed right-hook every time.

Running a close second would be the southbound bike lane at the intersection of Greenbelt Rd. and Rhode Island Ave.

IMHO this is not a bike lane, I think it is some sort of a hydrant buffer zone. I noted some type of a 'NO PARKING" sign at the far end of the zone where the stripe ends. I also noted a fire hydrant about midway between the corner and the sign.

Au contraire, the sign in the tree reads "Bike lane ends" (actually its a picture of a bike, but you get the idea). I can send you a better picture if you'd like.

I have to say the folks at Slate didn't try very hard. There are lots of way stupider bike lanes than the ones that just happen to be short. Thomas Circle is a favorite of mine, but it seems to be common practice to have bike lanes that exist where the road is wide enough, but when the road narrows... well, the cyclist is just expected to disappear. I'm thinking River Road outside the beltway, or E street NW for starters.

And what's up with the bike route to the new stadium on Main Avenue. They have signs that say "Bike Route" and below it "On Sidewalk." It speaks volumes about DDOT's utter lack of understanding of how bicycle facilities should be done.

There are quite a few "Bike route on Sidewalk" signs around. George at DDOT told me they date back to the good old days when there was no bicycle coordinator on staff. They won't do them anymore I was told. It'd be nice if they got rid of the ones that remain.

Thanx for the update.

BTW: A picture with better resolution isn't necessary, I trust you.

DDOT is still definitely continuing to use the "bike routes on sidewalk." I've even had DDOT staff tell me to use the sidewalk on 16th St. towards Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights.

A good example is the redesign and resurfacing of Irving St. NW behind Washington Hospital Center. It's a horribly overbuilt road that drivers often travel at 50+mph on. Its probably for the best to keep folks on the sidewalk, since they coudn't even be bothered to install bike-friendly grates.

Anyone know if the sidewalk bike routes on Massachusetts Ave. were corrected when it was resurfaced for the Pope? Or what about the Met Branch Trail? The only section I've ridden on is near Catholic Univ. and it's essentially a sidewalk.

Though I've heard grumblings about this practice at BAC meetings, it would be nice that any revisit of DC's bike master plan have these removed entirely, as the city still counts them towards their bike route mileage.

I'm congratulating myself for recognizing the section of Massachusetts Ave. in the video. It's only because my office used to overlook Thomas Circle. I used to draw pictures of it. But I haven't seen it since the redo. It wasn't that bad for bikes before. Now it sounds much worse.

FWIW Cedar Street isn't marked as a bike lane any more. It just has a "bike route" sign now, leading you the wrong way down a one-way street. At least you don't have to worry about getting run over from behind. Oh wait, today I saw a car going the wrong direction on Cedar St.

Thomas Circle is ridiculous for bike lanes. It's better off without them, which I why I don't use the lanes and ride in the right hand lane of motorized traffic instead. When they first installed the lanes, DDOT told me they'd be painting the lane blue to make it clearer to motorists. I doubt that this "solution" would have done the trick, but I do know that it hasn't been done, either. So I'm wondering what in the world is going on.

BTW, since you mention Thomas Circle... I circumnavigated that circle in the bike lanes Saturday to see what it was like. What an insane setup. I had conflicts with multiple drivers at two different exit points from the circle. I was forced to pass cars on the right that were turning right. One stopped when he saw me approaching. What if he hadn't and I weren't hyper-alert?

I never had a problem in Thomas Circle before the bike lanes.

Those bike lanes didn't come out the way the bike team at DDOT wanted them to. It was one of the first big bike lane projects and there was a real lack of experience. I think things have gotten better since then.

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