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The real hope for biking between Alexandria and National harbor is the bike lane on the Wilson Bridge. Recently, I got stuck on the bridge during a drawspan opening. While waiting, I walked over and looked at what are presumably the bike lanes. Nice and wide. (For some reason, I didn't think the lanes were at the same grade as the auto lanes, but they appeared to be.) Any word on when the bike lanes open?

I've watched the taxi dock at Alexandria and I would say that boat certainly had room for a few bikes. Perhaps I saw the only bike-capable boat they have. Perhaps not, perhaps they could be more flexible.

However, I can understand how a half dozen bike-the-sites bikes could be a problem.

Love the Mt. Vernon option, I'll have to give that a try.

About a month ago, I talked with Alex Lee, community relations manager for the Wilson Bridge project, about this and he said the ramps on the Maryland side weren't yet finished, additionally they plan to use the path as staging for ongoing work (painting and such) so it will be filled with trailers and other equipment. They hope to open it by the end of the year.

These water taxis look pretty flimsy to me. I wouldn't ride one with or without my bike.

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