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It's always enjoyable when you thoroughly fillet the non-biking media's arguments. Nice post.

The permeable surface is 2 to 3 times more expensive than a road to build and requires constant maintance, such as vacuuming off leaves. That won't happen in this city. The 9.6 Million comes from the need to repair the retaining walls, water problems and infrastructure before you even start to build anything. Plus Cheh had the path going from Courtland to Porter St. so that required a considerable more ripping up of pavement.

The Tregaron Conservancy would receive 1 million after ALL the lots are sold to clean up water problems, downed trees and other long neglected problems on the land. I don't think you can get building materials, construction trucks on a hike/bike path to build the houses, never mind the moving van to move in. How many people would pay 2 million plus for a house and bike in their groceries? No one.

After the DC government gets sued and has to pay out for this hike/bike trail that connects to nothing, you can add that cost to build the hike/bike path. Will the City Council still support that kind of expenditure? Stay tuned.

Comparing a permeable path to non-permeable road is apples to oranges. The permeable surface may be ill-advised, but that's not a reason to build the road.

Repair Klingle Road, a pro-road group, says the trail will cost $4 million.

TC already received the land. Perhaps getting building materials in will be difficult, but not impossible. Who says you have to build $2 million homes? Someone would buy them. I'll guarantee it.

The lawsuit is separate from the trail. If they get sued, they would have gotten sued if they built nothing.

Seriously nobody will build houses at Rock Creek if won't have automobile access? That's just crazy. I'd live down there in a heartbeat! I'll be happy to take that "demolished" land off their hands - no everyone in DC needs car access.

"It also demolishes a long-sought agreement allowing limited development on the Tregaron Estate in Cleveland Park"

The City won't spend $9.4M on a bike path--that's absurd.

What about access for mobility-impaired individuals?

Did Mary Cheh consider that?

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