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gee, the last time i read -- and then stopped reading - this blog was over a year ago...and I see that little has changed: it is still irrelevant...it needs a new editor and or editorial direction...

Well, it's not really fair to just say it sucks. How could it become relevant? What type of editorial direction should it take?

Wait Mike/Jon/Thomas Paine/walter/lars/not a moron/Michael Ross/Guido Giarusso/DOOM/Ernest/old reader/bicycleutopia/jkurere or whatever your name is now. Since you bike so many miles and are "a cat 2 biker and friends of marty nothstein and have a PhD, have taught at 4 universities, been in clinical practice, blah, blah, etc etc., and biked around the world as well as never owning a car; and you raced with a young lance armstrong when you were a older pro and he was a young one", perhaps you should write a bicycle advocacy blog. One that is relevant. You could edit and provide the correct editorial direction. I welcome another voice.

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