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As far as I can determine from the plans MTA present at their www.purplelinemd.com website, the Purple Line would have a minimal impact on the Green Trail. There would be no impact from Colesville Road to Fenton Street because the Purple Line would not run on Wayne Avenue in that section. From Fenton Street to the Sligo Creek Parkway the main impact would be that the Green Trail would lose the landscaped tree panel between the trail and the roadway. The Green Trail would still be a sidepath trail continuous along the north side of Colesville Road, with a separate sidewalk for pedestrians alongside.

In my view, the Green Trail at its best will never come close to being the regionally important spine trail that the CCT/MBT will be if completed. The CCT and MBT can be true off-road trails and not just sidepath trails (i.e. glorified sidewalk), and they connect through to much more important activity centers.

I support the Green Trail, but we need to keep our attention and priority on finishing the CCT and MBT.

Oops - I misspoke. The Green Trail will run along the north side of Wayne Avenue, not Colesville Road.

I am waiting for the Purple Line people calling themselves "Save the Trail" to show up at a hearing on the ICC trail, or Muddy Branch trail, or Upper Rock Creek trail. I know, I'm naive.

What is the probability that the tunnel will stay open for bike/walking traffic if the Purple Line Light Rail plan is chosen. I have heard that it will be too expensive to run both rail and trail through the tunnel.

Wayne, are you ok with the tunnel being closed for trail usage to accomodate the Purple Line rail only?

I am not OK with the tunnel being closed for trail usage to accomodate the Purple Line rail only. MTA concepts show it is possible to keep the trail in the tunnel, and propose doing so for the Light Rail "high option". MTA has not shown how much this will cost, but I believe if it is reasonable to MTA for the "high option", then we can make MTA understand this is important enough to do in any of the options.


I do believe you when you say that you want to push for continued trail access in the tunnel. I am afraid that once the MTA has the go-ahead that the tunnel will be the least of their concerns. I also believe that most pro-Purple Line folks could give a hoot in hell about either the tunnel or even the trail. The development interests want to ramrod this Light Rail in specifically to increase development ceilings. Once the project's wheels are in motion the trail users will have very little say in the final product.

Do you think Ben Ross (ACT), the Chevy Chase Land Company, or George Leventhal, really care about the trail or specifically the tunnel under Wisconsin Avenue.

If you believe that, I have some land south of Tallahasee with real low humidity to sell you.

Sin, you bring up a good point. It's important that should the purple line be built, that the cycling community make its voice heard. We should push MTA to build the RIGHT light rail - one which includes bikes in the tunnel.

Sin, I'm with Washcycle here that we must make our voices heard. This is not about trusting MTA to do the right thing. This is about making MTA understand the CCT has so much popular support that the Purple Line project can be derailed if they fail to protect the Trail.

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