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While at the meeting could see if Montgomery County's Pooh-Bah’s could institute a lifetime ban for pedestrians using a portable listening device with earphones.
While you’re at it how about a one-month suspension of trail privileges for pedestrians walking three abreast with coffee cups in their hands.

These are greater safety problems than riding a bike at 17 mph.

How about a fine for dogs not on a leash? I don't know how many times I've almost clipped a pooch who veered into the middle of the path only to be yelled at by the owner who really obviously doesn't give a crap about my (or the dog's) safety.

I can't be at the meeting on the 14th, but my 2 cents is that portable listening devices -- on walkers and bikers -- leads to inattentiveness and more risky behavior than me going 18 mph.

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