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This is truly sad. I bike along Mass Ave around Dupont Circle frequently and find it to be a risky area (for driving and cycling). I hope this triggers action on the part of the city.

Very sad. She was apparently biking westward on the sidewalk (through the crosswalk, with the light) when the truck made a right onto 20th st and struck her.

I think a Memorial or visibility ride to call attention to pedestrian and cyclist fatalities/injuries would be a great idea.


I agree, but I feel uncomfortable organizing a ride for someone I don't know. It feels opportunistically political. But, if her friends/family organize a ride or memorial I'd publicize it here.

Washcycle, I did not know Alice Swanson but I feel true grief for this young woman and her family. Her death was public. And horrible, disturbing, especially for those of us who ride regularly. I don't think a public display of grief for a public tragedy is crass. I feel for the driver and his family too.

I don't believe it would be crass. WABA has been planning just such a show in coordination with the family. WABA represents area cyclists and I think it's appropriate.

But for me to organize it would make me feel weird. That's all I meant.

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