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the second act is likely bad news. Nothing prevents DDOT from organizing an inter-agency task group. But reducing citizen input almost always is bad. Agency groups have hermetic and constrained world-views which generally militates against seeking quality.

I would like to see the a double-parking and parking in the bike lane "enforcement act" to actually enforce the laws already on the books. I like the fine increases or whatever, but the cops pretty much accept double parking (e.g. on 14th street) as something that's acceptable and part of DC driving culture.

Richard, there is no reduction in citizen input. In general, they removed from the BAC groups that had never sent a representative despite numerous invites. Departments like Environment and Health. But those groups are still free to send a rep.

Is the BAC still seeking to fill the shortage of council-member representatives it had several months ago?

Yes and No. The council has some of the same openings, some are filled and some new ones are open. Contact Jim Sebastian at DDOT if you're interested.

I 100% agree with neb: we don't need new laws; we need enforcement of laws that already exist. They could make the fines anywhere from $0.50 to a bazzzillion dollars but the practical effect would be unchanged if the law isn't enforced.

I hate it when platitudes from the NRA are right. lol

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