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I'll certainly be there. It's only a couple blocks from my job so I can just ride my commuter bike over there. Really interested to see if there's any more momentum for improving cycling is the US with gas prices where they are (the only thing that'll get us off our lazy butts).

can someone get him a copy of this? http://research.cibcwm.com/economic_public/download/sjun08.pdf

"Our updated oil price forecast of
$200 per barrel oil by 2010 points to Americans paying
as much as $7 per gallon for gasoline within the next
two years."

"Over the next four years, we are likely to
witness the greatest mass exodus of vehicles
off America’s highways in history. By 2012,
there should be some 10 million fewer
vehicles on American roadways than there
are today—a decline that dwarfs all previous
adjustments including those during the two
OPEC oil shocks"

I am a member of the Freddie Mac Bicycle Commuter group and I will be there on Monday night. I actually work in the building that is hosting the event and that building has very good cycling facilities. Bike racks available for employees and visitors on the P2 level of the parking garage, but showers and lockers just for employees I can ask some cycling questions. Do you have any suggestions for questions?


It's hard to suggest a good question since both are such strong advocates (both part of the bike caucus, both support most of the bills). here's a list of legislation LAB is pursuing.


An open-ended "where, in your mind, does cycling fit into NV transportation" will at least let them know people are interested in it.

I might invite Jim Moran to bike to work on Bike to work day and stop at one of the stations to talk.

Or, if I wanted to be wonky, I'd ask why Congress is setting up its own bike sharing program instead of joining and expanding DC's.

I have class that night and I may be blurring my governmental lines here, but what about bringing up some of the following:
Mt. Vernon Trail south (NPS) is scary to ride after dark and the W&OD is technically closed…options for people who ride to work year round are lousy.
NPS could do a better job of dealing with cyclists on the Mall too.

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