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VA allows signaling with either hand.

From the MD vehicle code...

§ 21-606. Method of giving hand and arm signals.
(c) Right turn.- A right turn signal is given by the hand and arm extended upward; except that a bicyclist may extend the right hand and arm horizontally to the right.

Maryland legislators from more rural counties typically oppose removing the restriction that cyclists use the shoulder/bike lane. Maybe we should tell them that South Carolina is leaving them behind.

Actually, the real bill doesn't match what Zeke said. Zeke wrote, "...to delete the provision requiring a bicyclist to use a bike lane when provided, rather than the roadway..."
This bill here says bike PATH, not bike LANE. So cyclists are still required to use bike lanes, and furthermore the definition of bike lane includes those that are "separated from the roadway", which might mean bicycle tracks, I don't know.

I read somewhere that objects thrown from vehicles (motor vehicles?) can be considered "part of the vehicle" such that vehicular assault, etc., laws can be applied to motorists who throw objects at bicyclists or peds, or anyone else I suppose. I looked for statutes but came up empty-handed. Can anyone confirm or deny?

David, the legal term you are searching for is "missile". A few years ago I remember a VA driver was thrown in jail and fined for throwing a cup of coke out her window into a nearby car (road rage). The case against her was that it is illegal to launch a "missile" from a motor vehicle. What I don't know is if this would also apply if it hit a cyclist.

Speaking of rude motorist behavior, how about the people who suddenly scream at you out the window of a passing car, presumably to see if you flinch? I've never so much as swerved because of anything like that, but it is momentarily disconcerting.

I doubt such people mean any harm -- they're probably just trying to have a little fun -- but it's borderline harassment that could result in an accident in rare cases. I've read in stories about road rage that people in cars behave less civilly because they feel a greater degree of anonymity and impunity in their vehicles. Seems like the same phenomenon is at work here.

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