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I think turning right on V, left on 17th, right on NH is a reasonable approach. It may add 2 minutes to the commute but the man will be happy.

Thank god they were all wearing helmets.

Good thing I didn't take a picture of myself then, as my head was bare.

Also, since it's mentioned in the comments on DCist, but not here, the stretch of V Street where it's being recommended that cyclists turn had construction going on this morning. It was safer to take the empty stretch of New Hampshire and let drivers honk it out on V rather than get into that fray.

Add my name to the list. My ticket from the same alleged police officer came before 7:30am. (I asked for formal ID and the officer declined to show a photo ID- so I presumed he was not real. I called the police station and my ticket number was not logged. I used to ride on S street, but that is dangerous because the road is too small for two direction traffic and bicycles.

My reading comprehension skills must need work; you did mention the construction at 16th and V, it just wasn't in the bullet points. Sorry!

I disagree about 14th & 16th being dangerous, I commute on them all the time, above U St to Silver Spring.

Also 13th is not too steep.

Actually Sherman/9th is a great ride-you have 2 lanes each direction plus a parking lane so people dont feel like your blocking the road and the bike lanes on 14th work quite well too

One of you that received one of these "DC Fundraiser" tickets, how much was it for and PLEASE write an editorial to the post or a local paper contrasting your treatment to the treatment of Novak who got hit with a $50 fine (although Novak will probably also face civil assault litigation).

I just cant get over how a girl can die weeks ago, novak can reportedly hit someone, and the stupid DC police go after bikers seeking a SAFER route!! There is a reason DC Govt does not get respect.

Wow - I couldn't disagree with this assessment more:

"13th St is entirely too steep to be able to maneuver correctly, and dead ends at Logan Circle (which is a no-mans land for anyone on two wheels)"

This is my daily commute. In the morning, the view from Cardoza High is the best. At Logan Circle, I flow smoothly around in the center lane which become the lane to pull off onto Vermont and head up to Thomas Circle and 14th Street into work. Easy and fast. In the evening, sure, there's a climb up to Cardoza, but I don't think it's that bad. After all, it's only about a block long. And it's perfect for pedaling out the frustrations of the day.

Stan: The ticket is for $25. It is unclear on the ticket whether or not there can be points assessed against my license for the "moving violation".

And I am thinking about a letter to the editor, as well as a letter and pictures from that day to send to Tommy Wells. I hear he's a "militant bicyclist". =)

It just struck me how much cooler this story would be if there were a comma between the first two word in the title. Lute music on New Hampshire Avenue - awesome.

I don't think that I would have stopped. In fact, I know that I wouldn't have stopped.

FWIW, MPD's seat on the Bicycle Advisory Council is empty (vacant) and it appears that they haven't participated in that forum - created by the City Council -- for some time.

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