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Bike parking at West Falls Church is full by 9am, sent an email to metro, got a standard response. Bike parking at Herndon Monroe Park and Ride is full by 9ish most mornings, Fairfax county is looking at adding more bike racks to their park and rides. From what I heard metro would prefer that the county provides the bike racks, but when they tried to install new ones metro wanted to charge them a silly amount of money for permits. Also if you are a property owner and would like a bike rack fairfax county might be able to help you as long as you are willing to give them access to install and allow the public to use them.

Hmm. My Bicycling Environment 2.0 paper should have been a little more direct on creating a network of bike stations comparable to the Minneapolis one you mention. I lead up to it, and discuss aspects, but not mentioning the need for creating a regional network of bike stations. I did suggest that membership in one should allow use in the others.

The next time I get out to MN, I'll have to check that bikestation out.

I got my bike "arrested" at the Silver Spring metro station back in 2005 when I moved to DC. The available bike racks were either full or broken, so I locked up on the fence and met some friends. When I went back to retrieve my bike several hours later, it had been impounded. The metro cops were total jerks to me--refusing to unlock my bike. Finally some other guy getting on metro came to my assistance and yelled at the cops enough they gave me back my bike.

But yeah, metro is completely crazy. If I were hurting the fence with my bike I'd understand, but ...

Since I work just down the street from this project I have a vested interest in it. It looks to be coming along nicely (though obviously it hasn't been completed by their Spring 09 deadline).

I've read that there will be bike rentals there. Does anyone know the details of this? Smart Bikes? Just curious b/c it would be great for midday errands.

Bicycle rentals? That could be part of the RFP, but we'll know more when an operator is chosen. Odds 2-1.

SmartBike? Union Station is probably in line for one if the system expands to 100 stations. Odds 9-1

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