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No bike lockers at New Carrollton? I doubt it. The truth is, Metro has no idea which lockers are rented, and which aren't.

I went through a big song and dance with them to get a locker at EFC. It took three months, and, ultimately, I had to involve Chris Zimmerman, who serves on the Arlington and Metro Boards.

A note from Mr. Zimmerman seemed to motivate Metro to give me contact information for a person in the Marketing Department. She helped, but it was apparent that the whole program had been freshly dumped in her lap. It was clear she was not working with an organized system. I picture a manila folder full of contracts and other scraps. There is no evidence that Metro tracks dates, or has any kind of master list of available lockers. The program is clearly bouncing around from desk to desk.

My first locker had a bike in it. After weeks of back-and-forth, I got another locker without a previous tenant.

Metro has no idea whether there are available lockers at their stations. Trust me.

I'm not some pro-outsourcing crazy, but maybe that's what Metro needs to do. Outsource the management of their lockers to WABA or Zipcar or someone.

The city of Minneapolis charges for their lockers and related amenities (showers) that Metro doesn't provide. Here's the rate card from their website:

$10 - key deposit
$30 - Seasonal Locker (Apr 1 - Nov 30)
$50 - Annual Locker
$80 - Seasonal Locker & Shower (Apr 1 - Nov 30)
$100 - Annual Locker & Shower

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