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Poor kid! And the motorists wonder why we get all attitude-y about traffic laws etc.

I'm glad to Prince William County step up and do the right thing. Hopefully the suburban and likely auto-dependent jury at trial will do the same.

Even more telling about this post is the amount of time taken to investigate and bring charges. Prince William may be one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, but shouldn't DC's police be able to at least match their investigative skills? A month to conclude an investigation that frankly few had heard about while Alice Swanson's fatal crash was over 6 weeks ago, had lots of media attention and still not a peep from MPD.

Ms. Freeman was drinking at lunch the day she hit this poor young man. No test was done on her! She was given a 6 month suspended driver license but may drive back and forth to her ASAP meetings!
By the way, Randhawa WAS In a BYCYCLE LANE!

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