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Thanks for the summary.

I really wish we could all just accept responsibility for our own actions without posting more signs or installing new obstacles all over the trail.

I hear pedestrians are going to hold a critical mass event and walk four abreast down the entire trail :-)

I don't know whay they say there are no on-road alternatives. Little Falls Parkway is an excellent bike route.

Yes, Little Falls Parkway is a good road for bikes. But - it only goes from Bethesda to Mass. Avenue. At that point one must take a very inconvenient, steep path to get back up onto the CCT. The Little Falls Trail does continue south from Mass. Ave. for a while, but it is not appropriate for heavy bike traffic.

It's true that the Little Falls Parkway goes from Massachusetts to Bethesday -- but that's the section of trail that has essentially 100% of the problems. If they trimmed the bushes in a few spots you could ride on a paved shoulder the whole way. I agree that the junction with Massachusetts is a problem, but you could probably fix that by making the ramp 100 yards longer -- which needs to be done anyway, and would do far more to improve safety than anything that the CCCT or the county has proposed so far.

For those keeping score, so far the CCCT has expressed regret about the process, but not the outcome, and MNCPPC isn't budging at all.

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