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For what it's worth, there is another shop rumored to be going in just down from where CycleLife is going in. While serving as a service to neighborhoods, it would be great to see shops further expand into other parts of the city, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

For one, it's some basic market principles, if you're going to open up shop, open it up where there is already demand for that product. This forms shopping districts like the garment district, shoe district, gold district, book district etc. Ironically, Mexico City's bike district was also their red light district. It was kind of surreal but creepy. Sure, this market can be saturated, but it will likely help clear out some of the really underperforming bike shops in that neighborhood without naming names.

Secondly, I I think it's proof of bike facilities spurring economic development. It's no coincidence that the CCT and RCP trails happen to start just down the street, or that Mt. Vernon/Custis is just over the bridge- build it and they'll come. Big Wheel Bikes seems to do well in Arlington along the Custis, as does City Bikes on the Georgetown Branch, The Bike Rack along 14th and Q bike lanes, whatever that shop is along the W&OD- even Arrow Bicycle opened up where the College Park trolley trail will link to Northeast Branch. You don't build gas stations 10 miles away from interstate exits and you don't open bike shops where people don't ride. I think it will be interesting to see what opens up along the Met Branch Trail if and when it's ever completed.

On the topic of the bike valet- All the reports I've heard said the attendant either wasn't present or just let people come and go with their bikes without much oversight, leaving me to question the security. If I wanted to ride my nice roadbike to a game and leave my lock at home, would it be there when I came out?

Oh, and I would hope that with more bike shops in Georgetown, they could help push the Georgetown BID to install some bike racks already! There's like 3 racks in the whole BID? Ridiculous. I know I'd go out to eat and/or shop there more if I could park my bike there, and I doubt I'm alone.

I used the Nat's Bike Valet about a month and it was GREAT. Very attentinve and interested attendants, and yes, a (very young) re. from CycleLife. There were *no* signs for the Bike Valet service, though.

My question is wht there are outdoor bike racks when this free service is offered. Similarly (and I've talked to the Nats about this), that the Nats provide -- for a copule opf dollars, as the amusement parks do), small lockers to stash ones bike stuff (shoes, helmet, etc) for the duration of the game. The ultimate would be changing rooms to get out of bike clothes and into real clothes (i.e., items with pockets!). It would also be good for the Nats to tell riders that the closest Metro station that will allow bikes on *after* the game is Waterfront. You will be shooed away from Navy Yard.

As for CycleLife, my conversation with their rep leads me to believe that it will be far more than a bike store. More like a club, with a lounge, bike fitting facility and more.

Should be interesting.

I've had a great experience with the bike valet. Frankly most people don't even use a lock - but you can - or leave your helmet etc... there.

There are bike racks outside because there might be other events at the stadium for which bike valet may not be provided. Or those who don't want to use the valet.

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