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Ever heard of November to May in Minneapolis? Enjoy.


Those are the best months of the year!

I haven't lived in Minneapolis in the winter, but I bet it's fairly similar to Madison, WI in the winter - not too bad if you dress appropriately. Unlike DC (and Baltimore, which was much worse than DC when I lived there), we know how to clear (and drive in) our snow out in the midwest, so the streets usually aren't too bad. You won't see as many Madones or Orbeas out there, for sure, but getting around town is fine.

Biking in inclement weather isn't really that hard - it's all about preparation and having the right attitude. Instead of saying, "Should I commute by bike today?" Try, "I'm commuting by bike today - what do I need to do to make it happen?"

(And for all the public works folks out there - "What do I need to do to make it easier for people to ask the second question?" Maybe try some of Minneapolis's ideas!)


Excellent post. This shows what a city can do when it really wants to commit to bicycles. BTW, there aren't many days in Mpls that are bitterly cold. Copenhagen is no tropical paradise either and it seems to draw multiple times the number of cyclists than any US city.

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