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The reporter was quite a bit mistaken as far as mileages. The problem in Montgomery County is as much the poor quality of the detours as it is their length. Here is the real scoop:

- The master-planned ICC route in Montgomery County, from Shady Grove Road to the county line, is 13.5 miles long (excluding west of Shady Grove Road where a trail was not planned).

- The trail detours identified by Planning staff on July 10 would replace 45% of this, or 6.2 miles, with roughly 8.7 miles of detour. It would bump up total MoCo trail length by 20% (not 50%). Worst of all, it would create a trail that is 55% detour (in Montgomery County) including a great many street/driveway crossings and even shopping center entrance crossings. One of the staff options does reduce the detours a bit (from 55% down to 47% of the route), but much more is needed.

- In Prince George's County, the detour around the ICC/I-95 interchange is very long. I don't have the numbers.

However, the MoCo Planning Department, under direction from the Planning Board (and thanks to cyclists' testimony!) is looking much more seriously now at eliminating a lot of the detour mileage. We are insisting that the original trail alignment not be removed from the master plan until an acceptable option is recommended. Stay tuned as always.

The Planning Board is not debating any more. They've decided against the trail in Paint Branch Park except for the internally planned trail with surface TBD.

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