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Count me out. And I'll lay a bet on "road gunk" being the reason for most warranty claims on this stuff.

No thanks. Scratching your head while standing over a vehicle with mysterious drivetrain problems is best left to motorists. I'm sure Michael Ball will order up a few dozen though.

Maybe it's the latent retrogrouch in me, but I'll stick to my friction shifting thank you very much. I see massive failure on major climbs in this future.

Ah yes. Looking forward to the increased dependability and decreased maintenance of having tiny motors and electronic doo-dads over the cable and pulley system that's been proven to work for the last century.

Didn't they roll something out a couple of years ago that was almost exactly the same?

Oh, well. At least if the gadget hounds popularize this contraption, I'll be able to pick up the equivalent of DuraAce STI for under $100. Heh.

It has to be better than STI shifters. Give me downtube shifters any day (with index shifting on rear derailleur only).

What a bunch of old fuddy-duddies. Did you type your comments on an Underwood Five?

In a vi editor. Both ways.

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