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Clicking on the map crashed my IE 5 instantly. Use with caution.

One real problem with these maps is deciding whether a road is suitable to be included on a bike route or not. Different cyclists often have different opinions on the same road segment.

I really must follow what happens outside of Montgomery County. I thought I was the only one doing a local bike mashup site! My project is at www.bikemapproject.com , prototype at www.bikezip.com. Surely this guy has more time than I do though! I spend too much of my time fighting for more bike routes rather than writing code (or, heaven forbid, actually biking).

anonymous, I did most of the DC stuff and I used official DC routes. But you're right one man's bike boulevard is another man's New York Avenue NE.

This map make it obvious how much infrastructure is made to connect to Montgomery and Virginia, instead of PG county.

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