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I'm not sure about the $300 part. That doesn't look like a $300 bike to me.

I dont like this entrapment.

An unlocked bike is not going to catch any bike thief, let alone "The Bike Theif" supposedly responsible for the recent spike of thefts. It's going to catch the first dumb kid who skipped school that day.

This is not even close to entrapment. The thieves we have caught, just about to a person, have stated that they didn't see anything wrong with taking property that was not theirs. They just don't, and didn't, get it. If it's not YOURS, DON'T TAKE IT!!!!!! Each and every one of them is an opportunist. Are they THE bike thief, maybe, maybe not. I don't know that there is THE bike thief. What I do know, there are many people out there that do not live by the minimum standards of our society. If nothing else, this will give some of the opportunists pause. As the commander reported, the vast majority had extensive criminal histories. We provide the opportunity, they provide the criminal intent. Sorry for the prior typos.

Thanks for the work!

Some large percentage of stolen bikes weren't locked (or properly locked). Is it smart? No. Is it still wrong that they're stolen? Yes.

So even though this may not catch "professional" thieves who are busy prying locks and cutting chains, it makes it a little safer the next time you lock everything to the post /except/ the bike.

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