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Do you know if waba are still giving out a discount for members. I looked on their website but didn't see any mention of it.

Thanks for the alert. I've signed up, looking forward to trying it out.

They're marketing to WABA members, but I don't think there's a discount - I didn't get one.

How 'bout a more thorough review of the bike and ease or difficulty of using it?

OK. Not much to report but I'll go into excruciating detail.

Swiping the card at the kiosk was pretty easy and intuitive. You have to walk down to the bike to see the green light come on. There were only two bikes on my rack so it was easy to figure it out, but on a full rack it might be frustrating. Other than the seat being set for someone much shorter than me the bike was great. It rode well, gears shifted well. I was able to go the same speed as the other cyclists around - even passed someone. So I got to use the bell.

Locking it at the end was easy too, set it in place and wait a few seconds and you can hear it click and see the light go red. It's faster than using a U-lock.

Really, it's faster than using your own bike - once you count the time it takes to lock and unlock.

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