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Count me in. How are you planning to get back across the river to Metro-accessible VA after finishing at National Harbor?

We can bike 5.1 miles back to the Congress Heights Metro. Grab the bus (two at a time I'm afraid) or I might call the ferry and ask them to make an exception for us. I'll ride to the metro since I want to go back to DC.

Will you pick up stragglers along the way? I'm in Maryland and 7:45am at the Kings St Metro is a tough time to make. I can meet up at the Key Bridge.

I'm in DC and 7:45am is tough to make. Hell you could start outside my building and I'd still have trouble getting there on time. Can you leave a stack of cue sheets under a rock or something- I promise I'll catch up ;)

You can print your own cue sheets so no need to leave them under a rock.

I choose 8 am to avoid a little of the heat and not wipe out the whole day.

We will absolutely pick up stragglers. I'll try to come up with some way for people to spot us.

The cue sheet shows up in km instead of miles... any way to fix that for us?

OK I think I fixed it.

To get the cue sheet to show in Miles click the link "WAGBRAD Bicycle Map" at the top of the page to view the map. Then on the map display page click the button to change it to Mi (white box on the left side). Finally go back to the cue sheet page and the display should be in Mi.

I would love to join the ride but need to work early on Saturday 6am. If all goes really smooth I will make the start time. If not I will try to meet up at the intersection of the Foundry Branch Tunnel and the CCT. SO the questions is how to spot all of you... ;)


At the Foundry Branch tunnel we should stick out a bit. I'll try to look for something I can attach to my bike to make it stick out a little. I'll get back to you on that.

Where do you think (or guess) the ride will pass by around 1 pm? I'd like to join in.

Early morning is difficult for me, but I'm going to try to make this. If I sleep in, I might try to join up at the Key Bridge/Custis terminal.

it's hard to say where we'll be. I guess I'm hoping to do 10 miles per hour. With a 30 minute stop at Rock Creek. If that's true, 1pm would put us around Southern Avenue metro station. (Maybe I should have started this later - next year!)

sounds like fun! count me in!

this is gonna be great! i'm in!

my wife is a DC tour guide, loves history and DC, but not much on bike riding anything hard -like streets and hills. What would be the easiest but most historically interesting portions of the ride. Thank you very much for organizing this.

Interested in participating but I don't have a car, how would I get to the start point of this ride? Metro does not open till seven on the weekends? Where can I meet up with the riders?

does anybody know anything about water fill-ups along the way?

Water Points:
Along the CCT at mile 13.4.
Jessup Blair Park at mile 22
Bladensburg park at mile 29
N. Englewood Park at mile 32.8

And maybe a few other places along the way too.

I'm planning on joining in. It sounds like a blast. I have made about half of the loop. How much worse can it be to go the whole way!

Note this alert about Metro this weekend:

Blue and Yellow Line Track Maintenance

Metrorail customers traveling between the Braddock Road and Van Dorn Street Metrorail stations on the Blue Line and between the Braddock Road and Huntington Metrorail stations on the Yellow Line should add at least 20 minutes of travel time for their trips because of track maintenance. Trains will share one track between these locations from 10 p.m., Friday, August 22, to closing (midnight), Sunday, August 24.

There is a nice little bike path along the Metro line between Braddock Road Metro and King Street Metro.

In light of the maintenance, I'll probably be getting off one stop early and biking to King Street (what's another 6 blocks?)

i'm coming from west falls church and can meet the group at the VA side of the key bridge...i'll plan to be there by 0820...i'll be riding a KTM 29'r

Thanks, Dave - WAGBRAD was great fun (at least the 25 mi, plus 10 to get to the start, that I rode). Thanks, too, to John and Andrew for changing my blown tube just off the CCT and cheers to my other ride-mates, Morgan and Mark. Looking forward to reading the write-up! Best, Donna

Likewise, Donna. (And credit to you for being much better with names than I am).

Oh, no, just now catching up on my blogs, and totally missed this!!

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